We are still in service for you


In order to fulfil our duty of care towards our employees and at the same time make our contribution to society, we have been taking the following measures to contain the novel coronavirus for several weeks:

  • Establishment of a corona crisis team and daily assessments of the situation.
  • Regular written sensitization and information of our employees.
  • Reorganization of workstations and working hours to avoid direct contact between employees.
  • Implementation of infection prevention measures and corresponding sensitisation of our employees.
  • Holding meetings exclusively via telephone or video conferences. "Face-to-face meetings" are prohibited.
  • Introduction of an extended cleaning and disinfection concept established to protect our employees and suppliers.
  • All employees who have the possibility to work mobile are not more than absolutely necessary at our laboratory locations.
  • No visits by external persons. In urgent emergencies, admission is only granted after approval by the management and presentation of a corresponding self-disclosure.
  • No more business trips by employees of our laboratories. However, the courier service is excluded from this, but they have been instructed in special hygiene measures.
  • Duty to report in case of infection within the family circle or if there has been direct contact with sick persons.
  • Isolation of all persons who are infected or have been in direct contact with infected persons.

With these measures and thanks to our very modern IT infrastructure, we can guarantee full availability and delivery at this point in time. We will examine and initiate or implement further measures depending on how the situation develops.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.